The Bands

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The 2017 Charity Pig Roast Entertainment is in memory of our friend Lloyd Heald - Come join the celebration and experience some great music, good times and wonerful people. We'll see you there!

An All Outdoor Event with Live Music by some of your favorite bands! All for FREE & Everyone Welcome! Come join us for 2 days of entertainment with some of the best music in the area. Bring the family, lawn chairs, coolers, blanket...relax and enjoy...We'll see you there!

Saturday September 16

1pm Les Watley
2pm Back Seat Romeo
3pm Forever Broken
4pm Evan Walker 
5pm Buddy Evans Band/Straight Shot
6pm Courtney Lynam band
7pm Old School
8pm Ballyhoo
9pm Matt Harvey Band
10pm Them Dirty Roses

Sunday September 17

1pm Throttle Body
2pm Stone & Brian {Hidden Element}
3pm Alabama Annie
4pm Jean Ellison Music Box Band
5pm Jannell

We want to thank Lloyd E Heald for putting this list together before he passed away. We miss you! We also want to thank Mandy Elizabeth Lemley for finding the list, and Chas Crowder all the way out in California for picking up where he left off..

Sound Production by Chevalier Productions

This page is in memory to the Charity Pig Roast Past - and the many friends along the way.

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Band Memories

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2 nd band
sundayafternoon 153
chris bradford
bobby the soundman
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ballyhoo wide
sundayafternoon 065
SOB stage shot
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sundayafternoon 180
sundayafternoon 037
bass player
sundayafternoon 063
ballyhoo side
mission control
sundayafternoon 174
sundayafternoon 057
sundayafternoon 085
sundayafternoon 170
ballyhoo side 2
sundayafternoon 056
sundayafternoon 109